2 Jan 2018
The site has been given a facelift. There are some recent piano recordings on the music pages. Doug will be performing in Sweden with Helena Joseffson, Christoffer Lundquist and others in April. See the Events page for details.
25 Oct 2007
Getting Out More Often
Doug wrote an article for the 20th anniversary issue of Recording magazine.
26 May 2007
Doug joined the Swedish band Brainpool for a set following a performance of their rock opera Junk at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles.
22 Jun 2006
The Dream of 'I' now available
The Dream of 'I' is now available!
12 Feb 2006
Mix article (print version)
Here's the print version of the Mix article on Doug: Click image for larger version:
10 Aug 2005
O'Reilly Digital Media interview
O'Reilly Digital Media has a great interview with Doug.
18 Jul 2005
Mix article (online version)
Mix magazine's online version has an article about the project.
12 Jul 2005
Back in the U.S.
Doug and Christoffer Lundquist
Doug has returned home to San Francisco from Sweden, where he recorded a new album at Aerosol Grey Machine Studios with producer Christoffer Lundquist.
21 Feb 2004
Notes to Future Selves released
Doug has released Notes to Future Selves, a compilation of compositions from 1980-96.
1 Jan 2001
Into the New Millenium With...MIDI?
Doug is mentioned in this Mix article.
21 May 1998
Ithaca Journal feature
The Ithaca Journal ran a feature on DW with the release of Accidental Beauties. Click images for larger versions: