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The Dream of ‘I’


  1. Agents of Change
  2. Cobblestone Mirrors
  3. Where You Lay
  4. Implications
  5. Thrill of the Chase
  6. Don’t Know I Know
  7. Rena
  8. Remembering Breath
  9. Talking Points
  10. Artifacts and Fantasies


Doug Wyatt: Pianos, Keyboards, Voice, Percussion
Christoffer Lundquist: Bass, Voice, Percussion
Jens Jansson: Drums
Helena Joseffson: Voice
Tomas Ebrelius: Violin
Hanna Hajslund Hansen: Violin
Andreas Westerdahl: Viola
Charlotta Weber Sjöholm: Cello
Jorge Balarezo: Programmed Percussion
Tony Geballe: Guitar
Pat Cahill: MIDI Chapman Stick
Justin Winokur: Guitar, Voice
William Stewart: Guitar
Vora Vor: Guitars
Chisa Hidaka: Voice
Produced by Christoffer Lundquist