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Doug Wyatt

The Dream of 'I'


2006 CD release

1. Agents of Change
2. Cobblestone Mirrors
3. Where You Lay
4. Implications
5. Thrill of the Chase
6. Don't Know I Know
7. Rena
8. Remembering Breath
9. Talking Points
10. Artifacts and Fantasies
total:  56:35

Compositions: Wyatt except (5) Wyatt / G. Patrick Cahill, (8) Wyatt / Anthony Geballe.

© 2006 Douglas S. Wyatt / Sonosphere Music (BMI). Arrangements: Wyatt, except (3, 5, 9) Lundquist / Wyatt.

Doug Wyatt: pianos, keyboards, voice, percussion. Christoffer Lundquist: bass, voice, percussion. Jens Jansson: drums, percussion. Helena Joseffson: voice. Tomas Ebrelius: violin. Hanna Hajslund Hansen: violin. Andreas Westerdahl: viola. Charlotta Weber Sjöholm: cello. Jorge Balarezo: programmed percussion. Tony Geballe: electric guitar. Pat Cahill: MIDI Chapman Stick. Justin Winokur: electric guitar, voice. William Stewart: acoustic guitar. Vora Vor: guitars. Chisa Hidaka: voice.

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoffer Lundquist at the Aerosol Gray Machine, Skåne, Sweden. Studio sessions 10-28 June 2005.

Project Manager: Justin Winokur.

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Diverse styles of ambient Instrumental Rock ★★★★★

Doug Wyatt’s release, “The Dream of ‘I’” is an amalgam of songs that take on different genres all seen through the eyes of an experienced electronic artist. The album is well recorded and produced, as it needs to be due to the large amounts of ambient and psychedelic sounds that Wyatt uses within his tunes. He has mastered the art of computer-aided music, and this is plainly heard throughout this entire album. On the track, “Thrill of the Chase” we get a toe-tapping beat underneath a spacey yet uplifting piano piece. Then on “Talking Points” one is presented with grittier, more industrial sounds over a thick, driving electric beat. These songs are then juxtaposed with others like “Artifacts and Fantasies” which contain numerous intricate psychedelic sounds, and are devoid of a traditional beat structure altogether. If your ears would appreciate a plethora of electronic instruments and sounds masterly interwoven, or you consider yourself an audiophile and just appreciate diverse sounds, then “The Dream of ‘I’” is something you’ll want to take in.

– Sean B. and the Reviewer Team