21 Jan 2023

Arrangement of Diamond Dust, by Bernie Holland, inspired by the late great Jeff Beck’s version on his album Blow by Blow (1975). Instruments: Bösendorfer 225 piano, Logic Pro’s modeled electric piano, sampled acoustic guitar, bass, drummer.

21 Oct 2021

Improvised intro to As I Am, As I Dream to Be (which I wrote in 1989), exploring my new 1990 Bösendorfer 225. Live-streamed on Facebook.

26 Mar 2022

Multi-layered improvisation using Logic Pro’s sound library, Sculpture, Alchemy, Moog Model 15.

Electronic / ambient

25 Jul 2022

This was originally written and recorded as a piano/synthesizer duet in 1980. In this remake, I tried to stay close to the sound and spirit of the original instrumentation while adding drums and bass.

29 Dec 2021

Multi-layered improv, using Minimoog Voyager, Moog Model 15 software synth, and Kawai baby grand.

31 Dec 2021

Multi-layered improvisation with Animoog (iPad app), Moog Model 15 software synth, and Minimoog Voyager.

13 Mar 2021

Fired up the Minimoog Voyager for the first time in some years…

29 Jan 2021

Ambient improvisation with piano and synths.

27 Jan 2021

Ambient improvisation with piano and synths.

9 Sep 2020

Soundtrack by Wyatt/Cahill (Nuclear Abrams-tank-sized Spiders)

Solo piano

27 Aug 2022

Solo piano arrangement of Wayne Shorter’s Pandora Awakened (from High Life), in honor of his 89th birthday!

26 Feb 2021

Friday afternoon improv

5 Feb 2021

I arranged this in 1987, inspired by John McLaughlin’s arrangement on his album Belo Horizonte.

28 Dec 2020

Michael Rosen and I co-composed this in 1983.

28 Dec 2020
13 Nov 2020

My first jazz instrumental, Through The Blue, begun 13 Nov 1977. Rusty, but fun to revisit on its 43rd birthday.

16 Oct 2020

With Justin Winokur

Arranged by Doug, recorded with Justin Winokur, August 2013

Recorded with Justin Winokur, October 2018

With Justin Winokur in Sweden, 2013